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Home Explore Impreso oct Impreso oct Published by Digo Network , Description: Impreso oct Like this book? You can publish your book online for free in a few minutes!

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View in Fullscreen Report. Read the Text Version. No Text Content! So I logged in, it was ; the standard avatars were so ugly back then. I walked around for a while and logged off. After a few weeks Itried again and that time it stuck, I never left! I try to transfer this passion for beauty in what I do here in SL, sometimes I am happy with what I do, sometimes less. Mesh has made styling a lot more difficult and time consuming.

With prims you had more control and freedom, now with rigged mesh everything is a lot more difficult because sometimes even outfits by the. Only SL best models could be part of Modavia, those whose style and technique was impeccable, there could be no mistakes.

Each year Modavia castings were the most anticipated and sought after. Browsing through old Modavia issues, we can see quality in layout, styling and photography. Have values won or have they been lost along the way?

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The results are great; I just wish they had done something a bit different, ins-. In my opi-. I was working for Miamai back then and Monica suggested I should open a store, she was so graceful to let me stay with her for several years, back then my store was called Miamai Model Poses. Creativity, imagination, patience and an eye for detail are essential in my opinion. I hate poses that are not realistic, that for instance are crooked, as if the pose maker created the pose just looking at the avatar from the front.

With time you learn tricks but for me realism is the most important thing. What is the secret to a great brand to reach the public? I am proud and happy to have worked for such great and talented friends, they all have taught me a lot; I admire them greatly for the effort they put in what they do on a day-to day basis. If you have an open communication channel with your customers, they will contact you, either via Facebook or Flickr or a notecard inworld.

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It is very important to show that you are open to what they have to say, to take in their suggestions and make them yours. At that time I was unemployed and it seemed the right thing to do with all the spare time I had. I eventually found a job. Mi madre siempre ha sido muy elegante y cuidadosa a la hora de vestir, incluso ahora a que tiene. Ojeando las antiguas revistas de Modavia,podemos ver la calidad de imagen, de estilismo Que valores se han ganado o se han perdido por el camino?

Debo admitir que no estoy siguiendo el mundo de la moda tanto como para opinar. Los resultados son excelentes, solo deseo que hagan algo un poco diferente, en lugar de copiar el formato que tuvimos con Modavia. Creo que es mi pensamiento particular sobre esto.

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No creo que esto sea lo correcto, el. Yo estaba trabajando para Miamai en ese entonces.

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  • Se puede crear, literalmente, una pose en unos pocos segundos, pero para crear una buena pose se puede tomar mucho tiempo. Es un trabajo al que hay que dedicarle amor, porque implica una gran cantidad de tiempo en ensayos y errores. Me siento orgullosa y feliz. Desde Versus estamos agradecidos a Mavi por lo. Si usted tiene un canal. Which styles do you like the best; which styles do you think suit your personality the best?

    So I decided to write her and ask her what I could do to become a model. By that time Modavia had workshops, and she invited me to attend. In the workshops, I met other models and learned how to walk, pose and so. My friend Applonia Criss taught me how to build in SL. And from there till now. I still have lots to learn. I have an idea in my head, so I try to build it in my 3D software. The end result has ever hardly to do with the original idea What is your opinion about mesh?

    Do you like mesh hair or do you prefer traditional ones? Can only being successful motivate a person? Success should never be the motivation. I attended several 3D cour-. El mesh da mucha libertad.

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    To celebrate 5 years in SL, Tatanka is doing. But there will only be 5 pieces a day available in each vendor. Our advice is. And, make sure you pay a visit to the discount. Mi objetivo es tratar de encontrar. Muchas cosas inspiran las creaciones de Tatanka. Because fall goes after. And fall comes crunchy, smelling like cellophane and new book, like chestnut and quince, like proper rain.

    Fall comes smelling like wood. Andi t smells so good. And summer is soon forgotten, forgotten like an old girlfriend, remembered with a smile on the lips and forgotten with a thrill under the sheets. In the news, they say a celebrity has passed away, and two days after another one dies. And girls wear some exquisitely tall boots. In fall, everything is capable of being drawn, painted, colored. The fog. Why to strive so much in seeing.

    Over a delicately rough texture, a fingerprint is. Truth remains. Truth of feeling new, Sorong, truth of building Soutine, the brutal truth about the fact we love that routine. How handsome are men inside their coats; how pretty are women under their umbrellas. Pero no importa. Y huele muy bien. Ya no hay tanta piel.

    Y el verano queda pronto olvidado, olvidado como una antigua novia, recordado con una sonrisa en los. Queda la verdad. La verdad de sentirse nuevo, fuerte, la verdad de construir una utina, la verdad brutal de que amamos esa rutina. La verdad de las bufandas,. Pero, de alguna forma, somos felices otra vez. Siempre para igual. At night try neon silver shadow that glitters. As for nails, it is simple Give your nails a breather this fall. Curious, he logged on and like many of us, became fascinated and then hooked by the creative possibilities SL offers.

    Orsini has been around SL for almost ten years and we at Versus are delighted he continues to share his artwork with the SL Community. Art and creativity enrich the SL experience and expand our horizons. I believe that an artist must be a chronicler of his or her time. To me, art, like poetry, is a weapon loaded with future. Considero que un artista debe ser cronista de su tiempo.

    El artista es un ser humano como todos, aten-. And, the great news is that fashion trends for fall and winter are far from boring! Novelty prints bring fashion to life with casual attire that is big, bold and beautiful.

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    2. Fifth Gospel: The Odyssey of a Time Traveler in First-Century Palestine.
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    This fall it is time to polish your look with iridescent neon — it is bright and commanding and a big part of this seasons color spectrum. Whether you call it scarlet, strawberry, cherry or ruby -- red is in vogue this autumn and definitely warms up the season. As for vintage, the Sixties are all the rage on the catwalks, city streets and in trendy hangouts where mini-dresses rule from quilted and silk to animal prints and velvet.

    A dash of Sixties and a splash of Nineties shaken and stirred is the perfect mod cocktail dress. Our love affair with patterns, prints and pastels plays out in looks that range from boho chic and eccentric to dyed leather that sizzles in the decadent autumn air. Safari chic is popular and exudes a global charisma with animal prints, fringe, fur, and a multitude of exotic embellishments. The surprise of the season is the athletic trend that is almost Ivy League and definitely comfortable.

    Racer backs, gym shorts, loose pants and slouchy tee shirts in high tech lux fabrics and colors create a look that is effortlessly elegant.