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Red lives a few miles away from her grandmother, whom she loves very much. She also loves her puppy and red velvet cake. Transformed, Red becomes Wonder Red. With Word Power she is able to transform an item into something else, remove the item, or even use it to find the correct item she needs. She is able to do this using her Word Basket and singing a small rhyme while thinking of what she needs.

In this form, her hair is worn in braided pigtails and her hat becomes a red and purple helmet.

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Her shoes turn into purple rollerskates accented by lavender and red, while her outfit is now a purple and red two-piece bikini only with a pair of very long braids with a red belt with a spiral in the center. She wears a long flowing red cape, a pair of purple and red skate gloves and a pair of kneepads. In the syndicated version, sparkles were added to her costume to match Princess Presto 's outfit. Wonder Red's Why Flyer resembles an airborne scooter.

It's red and smooth with purple lining, wings, parts on top, seat, and sheels underneath.

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Her why flyer lacks the glass piece in front of her, due to her holding onto its handles when flying around. A spiral mark is on the front to match her belt. The question mark trail that flies from the why flyer is a scarlet-red color. As stated, Red lives some distance away from her grandmother, her only known relative. Even though Red's parents are obviously around, there is no information about them. It is unknown whether she lives with one or both parents. Red cares deeply for her and loves to help her grandma and tries to think of new ways to show her how much she cares about her.

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  7. She also loves to eat Grandma's delicious snacks! The story of Little Red Riding Hood is no doubt one of the most popular childhood stories of all time. Many of the stories and nursery rhymes we heard as kids originate from local legends, traditions, and testimonies during the middle ages; accounts which have evolved, transformed and been adapted over the years into cute, children friendly stories. The story of Little Red Riding Hood is no different, but is particularly interesting because of its persistent, timeless relevance and original moral, dating back from the late s until today.

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    According to exploringyourmind. Regardless of the many versions and adaptations of this story, there is one common thread. A young girl travels across the woods to meet her grandmother. She is confronted by a wolf in disguise. The wolf, pretending to be familiar and friendly, coaxes the young girl to take her clothes off and get in bed with him.

    The earlier versions of Little Red Riding Hood were violent and grotesque

    The rest is sad history. A pedophile. If nothing else, a sexually depraved and brutal society. This leads me to the original question. But did that attraction translate into love?

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    It is therefore no different to say that the wolf was in love with Little Red Riding Hood. This same similarity is used by many to support their belief that pedophilia should be legalized.

    Riding Hood. Hell, the wolf could have been her own boyfriend.

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    After all, she was willing to get naked and cuddly in bed, right? She was being taken advantage of. At the expense of her own grandmother. Many spiral into an abyss of depression and feelings of worthlessness. Maybe even romance.