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She still surp Mommy's review - I forget when I first found and started Julia on these books but she read Sets and they were a major, major help with her learning to read. She still surprises me with words she knows while reading and she's at least two grades beyond most of her classmates. Jan 12, Charlie rated it liked it Shelves: charlie-books , ratings , These are certainly for advanced beginners and if I didn't know that, it would be a 0 stars.

I've homeschooled five of my children, and every single one of them has learned to read by a different method. My youngest is using, and loves, the Bob Books. Mar 23, F. Zahra rated it really liked it Shelves: , learning-to-read. Bob Books Set 2 further consolidates the foundations laid in Bob Books Set 1, allowing for plenty of practise - once completed the child should be able to read three letters words and short sentences with greater proficiency.

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Dec 05, Nicole rated it really liked it. These are great for instilling confidence in a new reader. We found that BOB books aren't necessary after set 2 though, as kids prefer to go onto "real" books and can transition into the leveled readers. Step into reading, I can read, etc. I did not like the book. But I'm happy I read all of it. May 04, Rochelle Sondae rated it it was ok Shelves: early-reader-levels. I prefer "whole language" readers however, I do like that this series invites the reader to color and to interact with the characters by utilizing the included paper finger puppets.

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Sep 26, CC rated it really liked it Shelves: , reading-with-the-kids. Another great set for building reading skills. Jan 02, Chak rated it it was amazing Shelves: kid. See notes on first blue set of these. Aug 08, Kassandra Miller rated it it was amazing. These books take the Dick and Jane stories from our childhood to the next step. They are fun, funny, and easy for kids to use to become first time readers. Highly recommend! Nov 16, Felicia rated it it was amazing Shelves: picture-book , own.

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Aug 31, Crawkati rated it it was amazing. This is a great addition to the first set. It is a good variety, great for boys and girls. Nov 16, Stephanie rated it it was amazing. A fun read. A great choice for every child's bookshelf.

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Jan 23, Kristy G. Lily almost 4 is just beginning to recognize a few 3-letter words and these Bob books are perfect for encouraging her. Jun 08, Josiah rated it did not like it.

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This is similar to the first "Bob Book" in content. It could be a good help for those learning how to sound out words. May 21, Kristina rated it it was amazing. These books are great for beginning readers. Bing Collection - 5 Books Collection. Five brilliant picture books based on the Emmy award-winning TV series about the everyday adventures of Bing - a lovable, curious, playful bunny, whose life doesn't always go to plan!


A selection of exuberant picture books for children to read aloud with glee! These boisterous books have rhythmic, funny text that is an absolute joy to share with little ones. All of the stories have repetitive and flowing text that children will love to join in with on repeated reads. Whether you're buying picture books to give out as party bag treats or want a bumper selection to choose from at your own child's storytime, this is the collection for you.

Lucy Cousins' bold Hooray for Fish! WHMK Babies. Where's Mrs Kangaroo? Other Ingela P Arrhenius. This brilliant board book has easy-to-grasp, shaped felt flaps and instantly appealing artwork. The repetitive text makes it a joy to read aloud and share with toddlers. Everybody look left, everybody look right Simba and co are back in the spotlight with Disney's remake of the animated classic, The Lion King. This companion picture book retells the Hamlet-inspired story with gorgeous artwork and flowing text as Simba attempts to overcome the tragic scheming of his uncle and take his rightful place as king of the Pride Lands.

It's sure to become a much-loved favourite with any fans of both the original and new film over the coming months. Hakuna Matata! CABO Toddlers. One playful puppy finds warmth and comfort in one cosy puppy blanket and one cold penguin chick enjoys being part of one warm penguin huddle. There are raised shapes to touch, feel and explore and these all fit neatly into the shaped spaces on the opposite page.

This book is full of beautiful illustrations of baby animals on one page and them with their families on the offer.

Animal Stories

It's a tactile experience and perfect for loving families to read together. All Hedgehog wants is a hug but he's just too prickly for any of his animal friends; Tortoise also needs a cuddle but he has a hard shell What will the two of them do? This gorgeous little book by Eoin McLaughlin and Polly Dunbar follows the two adorable animals as they head off in search of the perfect hug. Each character's story is told in the two-way book and there will be so many smiles when they eventually meet - and hug - in the middle pages!

Paddington Suitcase Paperback Michael Bond. Enjoy eight delightful Paddington story books in this special gift edition suitcase. Children's favourite, Paddington Bear is a distinguished small bear of earnest good intentions who gets drawn into mishap and adventure at every turn. Thankfully his great sense of logic and determination manage to get him out of most scrapes, albeit in perhaps some rather unconventional ways. Find out what happens when Paddington gets all the wrong kind of attention at the zoo, how he skyrockets on a funfair ride and how he 'helps out' around the house Milne's Winnie-the-Pooh is nothing less than a true children's classic.

Winnie-the-Pooh may be a bear of very little brain, but thanks to his friends Piglet, Eeyore and, of course, Christopher Robin, he's never far from an adventure. Baby Shark Colourful Balloons Paperback. Baby Shark's friends are not having as good a time as he is they don't have their own song, after all so he decides to give them all a special balloon to raise a smile.

Baby Shark Tooth Fairy Paperback. This bright and vibrant original story finds Baby Shark's family helping him understand why he's lost a tooth and how this is normal and nothing to be scared of. Mummy Penguin has gone to find some fish and left Daddy in charge of looking after the egg.

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But then Daddy moves away from the Dad Huddle and finds himself and the egg whisked up into the air by a gust of wind. When they come back down to Earth, they land in the Arctic Daddy must be brave and find his way home but the Arctic creatures are not very friendly. He soon bumps into a reindeer who is kind and then enjoys a breakfast with the Special Air Navigation Transport Authority.

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Also in , Rwanda has adopted the program to schools. This reflects the confidence that both governments and aid agencies have in Fantastic Phonics. Fantastic Phonics is a program of 60 books which covers all the elements of reading, and achieves independent reading at the program completion. The program start "at the beginning", and assumes no knowledge of reading. It is culturally neutral and involves humorous stories which children enjoy.