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Keine Kundenrezensionen. Sagen Sie Ihre Meinung zu diesem Artikel. Kundenrezension verfassen. Die hilfreichsten Kundenrezensionen auf Amazon. Verifizierter Kauf. This is truly a short story, with only maybe 19 pages. Overall I was dying for it to be longer than it was! It was cool to see small bits of where Gareth came from, where his faerie lines lie, but I wish we were able to dive just a little bit deeper as it all moved too quickly for me.

Definitely a fun series I most recommend! Loved it! It explains a lot. I loved this short introduction to the world of the Fey. Lady Ansleigh Smith makes her way back home with her son Tristan, to the Fairy world where she was once heir to the Seelie throne. Finding the human world too cruel and cold to bear, she hopes she can return home and be healed from debilitating sickness.

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But will she be welcomed? Will her half-human son, who can't walk, be welcomed? She's running out of time and hopes what she finds back home will be what can save them both.

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A very enchanting read and a fabulous take on fairy tales. I love reading anything fairy and this version of the fairy court was amazing. I only wish that it had been longer and had shown us more of the fairy world itself. It was mesmerizing and the fluid story telling brought out the imagery well. Winter Fae was the perfect morsel to indulge in and get lost in a world of magic.

Fire Emblem Heroes - 400+ Orbs Summons: Christmas Eirika, Ephraim & Fae!

I look forward to future installments in this series and hope the wait isn't too long. This story is the perfect length to pull you in and leave you wanting to read the full length book that follows.


Perfectly written short story. Winter Fae is written in a way that enables the reader to easily picture the beautiful world the authors are creating in their minds. In a short time, all the characters are given life and each of those lives seem to matter as if they've been known much longer than the few pages that have been read. I don't want to give anything away about the story because it really needs to be read, so I won't! However, I would recommend having the first book that comes after this one on hand to start after reading this because it does leave you wanting more.

Enjoy the story!

Winter Fae

Dragons can come in many forms, most of them ugly. In life as well as art, we want to know that our own, personal dragon can be overcome. Often it takes wit and cunning, perseverance and determination, but if no one had ever defeated their dragon, how could we defeat ours? The Steampunk theme is one of ingenuity and courage to step out of the bounds set by tradition—or even history for that matter. It is a strange amalgam of science fiction and historical, turn of the century, charm.

The Book Rat: "Armored Hearts" guest post & giveaway ~ from Pauline Creeden

What better place to form a dragon and defeat it? Of course I use dragon metaphorically. Fairytales are stories of great courage, learning, and decision making. They show us a world outside of the one which we think is safe and secure. Through patience, persistence, and good decision-making, a young girl attempts to break his hard exterior. But will she come out of this battle unscathed? Our book, Armored Hearts, is currently scheduled for release on April 30 th.

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