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1st of June
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I loved the response. Within minutes I had over 20 thoughtful comments on my post. The treadmill does wonders. Also yoga, of course. Get enough sleep, sometimes coffee. Go OUT, explore something new, meeting up with a friend, and spend time in nature. Pssssst, sometimes all you need is good comfort food.


The more I think, the more grateful I feel and the more things come to my mind. I turn to my gifts journal. It often cures whatever ails.

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It cuts to the heart of my discontentment, ungratefulness or bad attitude. I journal, which took me a long time to realize it was a good tool to use. Writing down my feelings helps me so much to process and then let it go! I journal—ask myself questions. Maybe I just need some me time feed my soul etc. Sometimes I get the answer, sometimes not.

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I try not to focus too much on how I feel. I first pay attention to my thoughts. I truly believe that the way we feel has more to do with what we are dwelling on in our thoughts then what we are dealing with. After I find the thoughts that are helping me feel bad I choose thoughts that counter them and literally think myself happy. Evidently to make my life happy all I need is glitter, sparkles, and the sweet aroma of candles wafting thru the air. Do something creative like designing a card for a friend.

Watch something on YouTube that makes you laugh. Combine journaling and getting creative by starting an art journal. Check out this mixed media art journal by artist, Toni Burt.

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  6. Usually, for me, it means taking some alone time… maybe in the form of a quiet walk or relaxing in my bedroom, guilt free. Time and space and permission to sit and be is a huge thing for me. Writing is therapeutic for me.

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    And getting out of the house. Yesterday I was soooo in a funk and really sad. I sat in bed, cried, and then watched Veep on my ipad for a few hours. I think just giving myself permission to cry and be a potato instead of working or distracting myself with some work, helped me in the long run to move through those emotions. My mother died in August and that and the family drama around it led me to a major crash.

    The pain was something separate; to identify with it was unbearable and I cut it loose. Still have bouts but feel more in control and the empty places left by the pain are filling with joy and peace.

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    Hope this helps. So many times in life especially in the military , you just have to keep surviving and just keep waiting for hubby to get back or a new assignment or household goods or whatever. And then after I cry I can move on. Peppermint shampoo, yes! I had a funk day yesterday. Got out my oils and am headed for a more productive day today.

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