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We used www. If you use him please tell him we say hi from New York. Thanks so much for your reply. Will he know you by "love to travel in New York "? Can hardly wait til mid-Sept when we be there.

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Cheers, Julie in Michigan. I think he will recognize me by that name. If he is unsure please tell him how much we loved the hotdogs. He'll remember. Also, let him take you where he suggests. You won't believe the wonderful places that he will take you to. If I am not mistaken, he has probably already read this thread, as he is very much present on this forum. I will not mention any names, but just look for the Iceland destination expert with most posts on this forum, always ready to answer almost any question you could possibly imagine about Iceland, thats him.

I can only reply that we have hired tour guides on 5 continents. One experience was just OK, most were very good and a few were just standout excellent. Borkur was at the top of our list along with our guide in Paris. I have no vested interest in giving information about my experience in Iceland. I just wanted to share it with others as I know how hard it is to find local guides. Was your tour 1 day? Also, what was the approximate cost? Did you rent a car or use the guides?

I am considering either a tour guide or a commercial Golden Circle tour in October. This time my tour was one day because we were on a cruise and there was only one day in true Reykevak area. The last time we were there we hired a guide for the week and used Reykevak as our home base. I found it was worth the money for a guide because we saw so much more than others who took a big packaged tours as well as I do not have the patience waiting for people to get back to a bus in time. When you take a private tour, you go where you want to go and see so much more.

Spend time marveling at their size before ending the tour and heading back to Reykjavik. The duration of the stops vary, but it is very roughly at least 30 min at each of the main sights. The history here is also fascinating; Thingvellir was the original site of what is now the longest-running parliament in the world, formed in AD.

Icelandic Literature for Beginners

The sheer power of the falls is mesmerizing, and its history is inspiring. This hilly area has a lot of hot springs, but what it is most renowned for is its geysers. The largest, Geysir gave the world the word geyser, while Strokkur is the most active in the area, shooting water up to 30 meters high every five to ten minutes. Its location could not be more serene, and you will no doubt ease away any tension built up over your holiday in its healing waters.

This grand Golden Circle tour takes you to southwest Iceland's most popular attractions with the help and knowledge of a local guide. Begin your day with pickup from your designated pickup location in central Reykjavik. Visit Geysir geothermal area, where the most active hot spring Strokkur spouts steaming water up to 30 meters high into the air every eight minutes.

Watch the water plummet down into the meter-deep crevice. After a full day of sightseeing, you will conclude with drop-off at your original departure point.

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We can say with certainty that the Aurora Borealis is one of the most unique spectacles that life on Earth has to offer. That is why we make every effort to provide an unforgettable Northern Lights experience to our passengers with daily tours, supervised by our expert guides.

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After operating Northern Lights hunting tours for many years, we know a thing or two about finding the best possible viewing conditions. Before each tour, we study the weather forecasts to help us decide what the best location that night will be. If the conditions are right, you may be lucky enough to see the Northern Lights swirling in a wild and carefree dance across the heavens, painting dramatic shapes, colors and patterns on the night sky. Welcome to Iceland. The sun only sets for a few hours and the nights are never truly dark.

Do as the locals do, and enjoy the midnight sun! This is also when tourism is at its busiest. The spring and fall months shoulder season are both excellent times to visit. Winter from October to April can be harsh, but still an interesting time to visit. The days are short, which December having very little daylight per day. Iceland is the safest country in the world and nothing bad will happen to you here.

The country made headlines back in when police shot and killed a person he was mentally ill and running around with a weapon for the first time in history. It caused a national crisis conscious it was such a shock! The most important piece of advice I can offer is to purchase good travel insurance. Travel insurance will protect you against illness, injury, theft, and cancellations. You can use the widget below to find the policy right for you:. Below are my favorite companies to use when I travel around Iceland.

They are included here because they consistently turn up the best deals, offer world-class customer service and great value, and overall, are better than their competitors. There are a lot of backpacks to choose from. If you want something smaller, refer to my article on how to choose the best travel backpack for more. He separates himself from society but finds his spirited daughter wants to live separate from him, and the ensuing struggle is both comical and dark.

The Little Book of the Icelanders , by Alda Sigmundsdottir Alda Sigmundsdottir returns to her native home of Iceland after 20 years away, and finds herself to be a foreigner in a foreign land. With this unique perspective, Sigmundsdottir attempts to unravel the national psyche of the Icelanders in a collection of 50 short essays.

It cuts out the fluff found in other guides and gets straight to the practical information you need to travel and save money in one of the most beautiful and exciting destinations in the world. Get the Iceland Guide Now! Want more info? Photo credits: 2. Iceland is going to blow your mind — and your wallet! Click Here for Destination Guides Iceland. Top 5 Things to See and Do in Iceland 1. These were quieter and less expensive than the famous Blue Lagoon outside Reykjavik.

I relaxed here by myself for over an hour mellowing out in the warm waters. The geothermal spa offers the most relaxing natural bathing and is the most tempting attraction. Grab some local geyser bread that they sell at the little cafe and relax!

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Watch the Northern Lights. Seeing this wonderful natural phenomenon in person was one of the most awe-inspiring things I ever witnessed. The lights are best admired in the remote places away from city lights. The best time to catch them is from mid-September to mid-April. The longer you stay the north, the better your chances! Spend some time in Reykjavik. Reykjavik is awash in thriving cafes, high-energy clubs, friendly pubs, and a brightly colored old town with rows of wooden houses clustered together.

Located in the southeast of Iceland, this ice flow is one of the most popular attractions in the area country. I enjoyed just sitting down and listening to the ice crash into each other on its way out to sea. For an up-close look at the glaciers, consider exploring the lagoon by boat. See the waterfalls. Other Things to See and Do in Iceland 1. Check out the geysers Due to the volcanic activities underneath the surface, a lot of geysers, underground springs, and thermal pools are scattered all around the country.

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Hike the Golden Circle Tourist Trail During the summer months, hiking in the highlands of Iceland becomes a popular pastime. Go fishing Everybody knows that Iceland is famous for its fish. Skaftafell Ice Cave Aptly named the land of ice, this country is literally covered in ice and snow. Go to Landmannalaugar The multicolored rhyolite mountains, lava fields, and the Hekla volcano make it a popular tourist destination.

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Hike the Snaefellsnes peninsula Stretching out from the west coast, this peninsula is topped by a large national park. Search for puffins Puffins can be spotted nesting all over Iceland between mid-April and mid-August.

Iceland Road Trip Guide (Ep. 1) - Reykjavik to Ring Road

National Museum of Iceland This museum in Reykjavik contains informative exhibits about the first settlers, Christianity in Iceland, the island under both Norwegian and Danish rule, and the independence movement. Take a course at the Icelandic Elf School While not many people actually claim to believe in elves, trolls, and hidden people, there are similarly few people in Iceland who categorically do not believe in them. One way to find rides is asking around in hostels — people are usually driving the main Ring Road M1 that circles the country and there are only two ways to go on that!

Bring a water bottle — The water in Iceland is incredibly clean and drinkable. Camp — Camping is available everywhere in Iceland.